Evolution of Eastern European Cuisine Over the Years

Evolution of Eastern European Cuisine Over the Years

Different cultures and ethnicities have influenced cuisines worldwide. Unique food has developed in many other countries as time passes.

European cuisine has a wide variety of dishes with a long history dating back to the indigenous peoples of the continent and the various cultures they encountered during times of conquest and colonialism.

In eastern Europe, the foundations of their cuisine have remained mostly unchanged despite the region’s seemingly never-ending political instability. They have evolved a distinct cuisine based on their limited availability of ingredients and short growing seasons.
For instance, the influence of many regions of Europe, Siberia, and Central Asia are present in the corporate catering of a wide variety of Russian dishes. Despite the influence of other countries, its food has remained unchanged for generations.

Fish, pig, poultry, caviar, and other foodstuffs like mushrooms and berries from the rural population’s traditional menu helped lay the basis for this cuisine.

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