The Different Classifications of Menu in Food Service

the-different-classifications-of-menu-in-food-serviceThe menu plays a significant role in food service operations as it’s considered its “driver”. This just means that all aspects of a food service operation are influenced by the menu and emphasizes the idea that the menu is a kind of managerial tool to manage several parts of a particular food service operation. There are several ways to categorize menus and there are various kinds of menus, which are usually linked with certain types of food service operations such as the catering in Bay Area, California. Knowing how often they repeat is a classic method of classifying them. Read on to know the classifications of the menu.

  • Static menus

    These are the kind of menus that are the same daily and are more commonly utilized in quick service up to classy restaurants. The foods may come from various cuisines like European cuisine. These particular menus may be presented using a menu board or in certain kinds of printed format. There are times they are laminated for easy cleaning. The common parts of a lunch or dinner static menu are appetizers, salads, main course, side dishes, desserts, and drinks.
  • Cycle menus

    These kinds of menus are usually utilized in foodservice operations that are non-commercial that are served to consumers daily like corporate dining, schools, healthcare, long-term care, etc. The foods may come from different cuisines such as Italian cuisine. This type of menu observes a specific pattern that is specially created to satisfy the requirements of operations consumers and repeats regularly.
  • Daily (or single-use) menus

    These kinds of menus change every day or can be planned for any special event used once like corporate catering. Daily menus are usually utilized in fine dining or for those types of food service operations that opt to feature products that are sourced in the locality and are readily available in the market every day.

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