Tips and Tricks: A Short Primer on Preparing for an Event

Tips and Tricks: A Short Primer on Preparing for an Event

Is it your first time being in charge of planning for an event? Haute Cuisine is no stranger to the process. We regularly work with event planners to produce themed menus and food displays alongside tailored cuisine for a variety of occasions. As a quality catering service in Sunnyvale, California, we would like to share some tips and tricks, one we can definitely help you with.


  • Budget, budget, budget.

    Manage your expectations according to the proposed budget. The last thing you want to do is incur expenses that will put a dent in your plans. Try canvassing first before making permanent purchases.

  • Be advanced.

    From the moment you’ve brainstormed, don’t waste time and get to talking to party suppliers, venue managers, and other people you need to work with to put together the event. It’s best to do this with someone who can provide assistance to minimize headaches and backtracking.

  • Pay attention to your guest list.

    Who are the people attending your event? Who is the event for? Make sure to consider these things in your planning. Let’s take for example a bar mitzvah.

    As one of many common Jewish events, you need to be aware of the dietary customs. You will then have to choose a caterer who can provide the appropriate cuisine.

  • Hire a caterer.

    Even way before everything’s said and done, think about the food. Meals often make and break peoples’ impressions of an event. So you would want someone who can pull out all stops to feed and impress everyone in your event, whether it’s corporate catering or a school event.

We would gladly give you and your guests the exquisite gastronomical experience you need to complete your function. For high-quality catering in Bay Area, California, and other areas, give us a call today.

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